Social media that pays you for going online

Most of the time you go online in social-media platforms and you don't get a cut on how much these guys are earning? Frustrating isn't it? But worry not -- as Friendsters are for a much better social-media experience

We all know that for all free-to-use social-media platforms. It has always been uncommon knowledge that they earn money depending on the number of users that uses their platform hence why it was meant to be ''free'' right?

The main product of social-media platforms is not their complex applications and apps but the users who uses them and feeds a lot of data which the company can then feed in to their advertisers for a more precision based targeted ad campaigns.

Since it was the users who gives color and meaning to a particular social-media platform. Then it is prudent that the platform give back to its community in a way of sharing the revenue with its users.

And so here's ''Lodigram''. A startup social-media platform founded by a web-developer and digital marketer Raymund Benedict Ponce of the Philippines. Which exactly wants to share its revenue to its userbase.

The formula is pretty simple. Growing the platform userbase means giving businesses more access to potential customers as well as allowing the platform to serve more ads and earn more revenue thus its a win-win if the platform gives a significant chunk of its revenue back to its users who has allowed them to earn those revenue in the first place.

Lodgiram will call it ''Loyalty Points'' or basically known as ''F Points'' where users earn a certain points for publishing blog articles, wall posts, adding friends, commenting on posts, reacting on posts, uploaing videos etc.

So basically, Lodigram will pay you for simply using its platform and that is pretty normal after all since we do this a lot on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook at absolutely free for these platform publishers!

Such was the plan for this newly established website called ''Lodigram''. You must wonder why they're not getting that much publicity no? Well - they wanted to rely on their users to carry the message and spread their brand across.

Stop calling it a copy-cat of Facebook it is not as close since it offers a punching pack of new features such as :

  1. Friends Finder (Uses GPS technology to track and find nearby friends)
  2. Social Explorer (Allows you to browse other users, groups and pages etc)
  3. Jobs Classifieds (Enables companies to post job offerings in the database)
  4. Lodigram Marketplace (Enables users to post their used/brand new products and items to the rest of the world
  5. Fundings/Donations (Enables users to start fund-raising activities so other users can pitch in and donate funds for their endeavors)

Well the usual system of used in Facebook such as ''reaction system'' like ''heart'', ''angry'', ''sad'' and of course ''likes'' as well as colored post backgrounds and image post backgrounds are also in the platform.

What I like personally about Lodigram is when it gives users much more creative freedom to personalize their profiles by changing their background or revamp it in a way of uploading a custom CSS file which gives them unlimited control on how their profile layout is setup.

Oh boy! Should gives you shivers as it just seems like the old Friendster that was gone long ago and now this Lodigram site is sort of a Friendster 2.0 after all?

Lodigram will soon be releasing an Android and Apple app soon in their respective Apps Stores.

If you haven't signed up then join the platform now and start socializing and earning points as well. :)