And left her holding on that course blind-folded. <br>Then, there were voices..


Out of all the most worst experience for

was she had fall indside a quicksand.
She was so happy-go-lucky not knowing
that she's not getting any younger to miss the nice facade of Zion.
She was so foolish, immature as she is.
Trying to mis-interpret things that beyond her control.
Still, they didn't know her story.
She always know deep inside that she always have something to say...
Have something to prove.
Yet, her actions and behavior was
so very ironic to her words.
She'd even never almost don't have
an idea that she scold other people
for her own satisfaction.
She didn't grow.
At that age, she never be "the big person".
How, sad was that to hear
those sharp words that cut her soul like a knife.
We'll she'd been used to that.
But, there's come to the point to her life,
that she needs to prove something.
She always give in to negativities to defeat.
And literally forget her name, her identity.
She was lost.
Then, there come to the moment
that her only refuge was a rope coarse.
She had saved from that quicksand.
A voice—A mysterious voice, 'twas just the only
thing she remember a sweet modulated voice,
that gives her shivers as she'd heard that.
Somehow, she'd been guided to hold a rope coarse by that person.
And left her holding on that course blind-folded.
Then, there were voices..

"Go back!"
"You're not deserving!"
"Did you think you are capable enough to reach your goal?."
"What a loser are you!"

Yes, those sharp words, make her tears feel down in instant and
for her silent tears defines every emptiness she have inside.
But, she never go back, she continue following the rope coarse.
And then a voice instruct me to take off my blindfold. So she did.
At the point, she was drop by a cave where she see a sphinx sitting on her thrown.
And that mythical creature give her a riddle.

" I am laying my card on the table, this is a card of 'life and death', now
it's now or never, I'd showed you what's my card.
This is a gamble, now what's your call?". The sphinx asked.

She just stayed quiet— Cried her heart out!
As of her call, she choose both.

In a game, of course the survival empowerment in choosing the right call
is pretty obvious it's "life".
Yup! You have to choose to live no matter how f̶u̶c̶k̶e̶d̶ ̶u̶p̶  her situation is.
To keep going, to show the world that you are okay even if the
world keep on pulling you.You need to smile, in the face of adversity
'til they will be tired of upsetting you.

But deep within the reason why she choose both between " life and death".
Because, we can deny the fact, that we will gone with the wind.
Everything, have our time.
There will always be an alpha and omega—Beginning and end...

Although, that sphinx told made her realize something really important.

That is legacy. We can't never immortalize those things for it was all in vain.
But, that legacy, is not for the world 'twas for HIM.
Then, the reward wouldn't be merits that even moths can't destroy.
That would be this line: "Well done! My good and faithful servant".

For now, she will wear her blind-fold again.
Following that rope coarse 'til it'll lead her to the cross.
She'll stay on her league, no matter what will those mocking voices telling her to do.
All, she know that even those words are harsh, she knows deep inside...
That she knows own those voices.
Yes, she knows... Those were the voices who is important to her, the ones she love the most.
She is stuck in reverse but now she consider it as a guideline towards her dream.
Behind those things, her loved ones still bestowed unfailing kindness.
And she can't even repay those efforts but one thing she could promise.
She will do her best, to make the people she love.
And she will make them proud of she have achieved.
So, let me introduce her...

Hello my name is Mary Joy Pequiño- Racoma

She is me.. She is a daughter of the one true King.

And  I am an overcomer.

As what Shannen Heartzs's quote says:
“And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise.
Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength, more beautiful than ever before.”