About Lodigram
Join Asia's fast-growing social-media site. Earn coins and rewards whenever you connect with friends, share stories and express yourself through gifts, post boxes, forums and profile background.

About Lodigram

Lodigram is a social-network founded by Raymund Benedict Ponce in the Philippines. It aims to incentivize social engagements into the in-platform social currency called ''Lodi Coins'' that can then be used to exchange with certain virtual gifts, items and coupons or even convert to real-world money.

Lodigram allows its users to make their own posts, chat with their friends, comment on photos or posts, upload images, videos and music, send and receive gifts, find matches in the community, raise funds, start business pages, run ads, post items for sale, add job listings as well as join in open discussions within the Lodigram forum at absolutely no cost.
Lodigram envisions to grow its entire user-base by increasing its community engagement by rewarding its users who constantly interact and uses the platform. And in return, the traffic and user engagements help propel Lodigram's ad revenues and brand notoriety. Thus, it is always our mission to commit in an ''equal opportunity'' relationship with our users and will always put them at the forefronts of our business decisions - rewarding them whenever possible.
Lodigram is a start-up company and continues to require investment pledges from kind-hearted angel investors who would want to share their financial capacities towards the growth and success of their innovative endeavors.
If you are interested in supporting their mission. Please email [email protected]